YouTube Rewind 2018 | Over 6 Million DISLIKES and Counting!

YouTube Rewind 2018 - Everybody Controls Rewind

It’s that time of the year when the whole of internet is going to be busy reflecting upon its deeds throughout the year – some good, some bad, many worst. Speaking of worsts, it seems YouTube has finally added its last entry to its not-so-good deeds list with their latest offering, the YouTube Rewind 2018. We don’t want to bash it, as we feel a good attempt was made but it seems the netizens are not satisfied with the final product.

YouTube Rewind 2018 - Everybody Controls Rewind

Released on 6th December, the YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind video has garnered over 87 Million views, 1.9 Million Likes, and a whopping 6.7 Million Dislikes. The video has also received over a Million comments, mostly negative. We did try our best to find good comments but only a handful. The most common complaint that shows up in the comment section is that YouTube has dropped a lot of Creators for this year’s rewind video. Social media is flooded with criticism revolving around the same concern. Users have also pointed out that the whole 2018 Rewind video emphasizes too much on Fortnite references and visuals.

Following is the list of some content/creators that users were expecting to feature in the Rewind 2018 video:

  1. PewDiePie – Clash with T-Series
  2. Logan Paul – Controversial Video in Japan
  3. Shane Dawson – Docu-Series
  4. BTS
  5. Trish Paytas – Mukbang

Let us know what all they missed.

Last year’s rewind video – YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017– in its year of existence has received only 2 Million dislikes. Reportedly,the 2018 video has received the worst reaction from the audience in the history of rewind videos. Twitter is slamming and smashing YouTube for their Rewind video and it seems there’s no stopping. Most of the viewers feel that the video features creators who are not even known and has dropped the biggest faces that have created buzz in the year 2018. Ironically, the title of the rewind video is – Everybody Controls Rewind, but as per the reaction of the audience it feels that YouTube controlled too much of the video content.

Here’s the link to the video, let us know what you think about it through the comments section.