Why Women Want To Talk And Men Won’t Reply

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By Gaurav Masurekar | 10th January 2019
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If I was to be completely honest, I have been as far away from this topic of contention as was humanly possible. It isn’t like I don’t have anything to say about it; I swear to God, I do. But anytime this subject has popped around a table, I have relayed my energies into sipping through a host of alcoholic beverages instead. I don’t know what’s different today. Maybe it is the fact that waiting for a flight can be pretty antsy. So I am going to unleash.

Why do women want to talk all the time? What is this primal need to text? And when they call, they want to know where you are. It’s 12 in the afternoon where can I possibly be if not at work? Worse, it’s Saturday and I could be watching an interesting documentary about the three most influential and deadly dictators of the world and I’d rather not have to look at my phone because (Venkat said, and I quote) it breaks the flow, man!

Why do men just never reply? How is it that they are always on the phone around us but cannot form a shorthand text saying bsy, ttyl, brb, go away? It’s not because we want to keep an eye on you, young man. Sometimes, we just want to know that you’ve eaten; we really want to know that you aren’t having a shitty day at work. We talk, that’s just how we get to know each other. If you won’t talk to us, we are going to talk to our boy besties, and that doesn’t go down well with you either.

Don’t women ever get that we men get tired of their nagging? I like wearing black T-shirts, yaar. I like my hair long. I don’t like to socialize with her friends; she’s going to bitch about them later anyway. And don’t even get me started on shopping with her because she’s going to try every piece of clothing in every damn store and probably come back with nothing. Worse, we will enter a shop because she wants to buy a skirt and get out with everything except, yes you guessed it THE SKIRT!

Fine, I’ll go shop alone. In fact, let’s do everything alone. What’s the point of staying together if you are going to crib about everything? What am I supposed to do? Go to a store and buy the first thing we see? Just because men have only four styles to buy from, I shouldn’t experiment with mine?

I like playing games. I am never going to stop doing it and please stay away from my football matches.

I like mushy movies. I am never going to stop watching them and please stay away from my social media feeding.

I like ordering in.

I like going out.

I don’t like you hanging with too many boys.

I don’t like you calling your recently broken up best friend and comforting her at 3 in the night.

Oh, my flight just got called. Gtg.