The deep web – 99% internet that you can’t through Google

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By Pratham | 11th January 2019
Deep Web

Over 1.8 billion websites accommodate the never-ending cyberspace, according to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey. This number is barely the tip of the iceberg – the surface web. What you can actually find beyond this is bigger than you can imagine. The space below the surface web is known as the deep web and some estimates say that it is 400 to 500 times more than what is available through your search engines.

Deep but not dark

The deep web is not the same as the dark web. The dark web is simply a fragment of the deep web that consists of encrypted websites. The websites that comprise the infrastructure of the dark web do not have DNS and IP addresses. Moreover, to be able to navigate to these sites and to be able to access them, the users have to use encrypted softwares that helps mask the users own IP. This makes tracing back the dark web and its users difficult.

The infamous dark web is a cyber underground for illicit activities. The very purpose of the dark web is to engage in the transaction of illegal goods and services that include trading in arms, drugs and even human trafficking.

As per sources more than $100 million of abusive substances are moved in the dark web markets per year.

A mere access to the dark web can raise flags to authorities such as the FBI.

Then what exactly is the deep web?

The deep web cannot be located using the regular search engines as the indexing of the content in the deep web is not search engine friendly.

According to some reports the deep web makes up for 99% of the internet where as the surface web consists of only the remaining 1%.

The deep web architecture uses HTTP forms to hide its content. Users mostly need a URL and the password to access websites on the deep web. These can be simple services such as online banking, web mail and other paid services that provide access through a paywall. These services include your video on demand, e-magazines, newspaper subscriptions etc.

Is surfing the deep web illegal

Unlike the dark web, that is built on an overlay network called the darknet and needs specific softwares and system configurations to gain access, not every thing in the deep web is forbidden.

The deep web consists of various communities that want to remain anonymous and do not have any clandestine motive.

While navigating through the deep web here are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

  • Make sure you possess the correct authorisation while accessing websites on the deep web.
  • The rules of every government are different and your country may prohibit you from surfing certain websites in the deep web. For instance, North Korea has more restrictions on what websites you are viewing than the US.
  • Refrain from using torrenting services while using the deep web.
  • Always cover your webcam when you are manoeuvring through the deep web no matter how safe you think the website you are accessing is.
  • If you engage in any conversation on the deep web make sure you do not divulge any personal information in any manner whatsoever.
  • Also, do not engage in any conversation that will harm the sentiments of any individual or community. Well… This goes for life in general too.

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The deep web may not be as sinister as the dark web but it is a slippery slope if you let it. Today 70% of the internet is pronography content. As individuals and as a society it is our responsibility to use the gift of the internet and the technology behind it for productive and creative purposes. Happy surfing!