Taboo and controversial delicacies around the world

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By Pratham | 21st January 2018

Guilty pleasures, when it comes to the senses of taste, are not uncommon. But there are certain foods that push the envelope on taste as well as the law.

These foods are the culinary equivalent of robbing from old ladies, hit and runs and even murder.

Here is our list of foods that are frowned upon in almost every social settings and enjoyed by mature palates or those who like to be served gory adventures on their plate.

Horse meat

If you are supposing this to be an euphemism for anything then let us make it abundantly clear that Horse meat is actually meat from a Horse.

What is more surprising is, reportedly, 77 countries in the world slaughter horses for their meat, including parts of South America, Asia and Australia.

The taste and preference of every individual differ when it comes to eating other species but Horse meat is considered as a taboo mainly because of the role they played in world history.

Even today, Horses are considered as pets and companions and eating ones’s companion is definitely a cringe worthy thought.

Snake blood wine.

This controversial drink comes in two varieties. One which is a wine with added snake blood and another where you just take the snake chop its head and pour the spurting life blood in the glass of your choice.

The ghastly drink is popular in Southeast Asia.

In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed to possess restorative and invigorative properties.

Foie Gras

The name means ‘Fat Liver’ in French. It is a fattened duck or goose liver. The delicacy in itself is not a taboo in as much as the controversy that surrounds in harvesting it from the bird in question.

Apparently, the birds are forefeet with tubes that run unstoppable torrents of food into their beaks which is aimed at fattening their liver which not only increases the organ in size but also in taste.

The US has already banned Foie Gras in some states. While according to European law Foie Gras cannot be produced in countries where it is not a long-established tradition.

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Drunken Shrimp

Eating live animals is unethical just in principle but this one takes it to another level of devouring species.

In this case, live Shrimp are served in a bowl that contains liquor – mostly Baijiu. The liquor renders them drunk, hence the name.

Drunken Shrimp are less prone to movement and this makes it easy for them to be consumed alive.

Ortolan Bunting

Or just Ortolan is a tiny bird that is native to Europe and parts of western Asia but the bird is rage in France and the French have such love for the dish that the Ortolan population is at a decline.

The brutal ordeal for preparing the bird begins after it is captured alive. The Ortolan is blinded / or kept in a dark cage to disrupt its eating habits. Then it is fore-fed millet and oats to fatten its girth to abnormal proportions. On reaching the desired size the bird is drowned in brandy and roasted.

Once the bird is prepared there is the eating where the headless bird is savoured between tongue and teeth till the flavours sink in.

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There are many such gruesome culinary wonders that will leave the faint hearted wondering if their burger patty had to go through similar unpleasantries.

There is no question that there are parts of the society that take pride in enjoying a good taboo. Though not all but certain sections of humanity still live for the thrill and gain pleasure and excitement from something that would be considered unethical at the ‘Finishing School for Humans‘.