Summer binge – Must watch movies on Netflix

To hot to go outside. Thank Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph there is Netflix. The one stop for binge entertainment this summer.

Here we have pulled out the best movies for this year’s summer movie binge.


Set in Australia the film is an edge of your seat apocalyptic si-fi drama revolving around a newly married couple with a new-born child who against all odds are trying to survive a viral event that has transformed most of the population into zombies.

The zombie plot has been done over a lot and mostly in the recent past. But Cargo has a lot more to offer than just zombie action and gore. The film is a good weave of subtle narration and gripping suspense.


The fun girls from Love (Netflix), 2 Dope Queens, and SNL – Gillian Jacobs, Phoebe Robinson, and Vanessa Bayer are at it again. ‘Ibiza’ is a story of three millennials from the Big Apple who turn their work trip to Spain, Europe into a booze and boys filled rave spree.

Do not expect this to turn out like the cult women comedies we have come to love over the years but it’s surely funny in places and does not objectify women just cause its a movie about young women who love their booze and do not mind one night stands.

L.A. Confidential

A classic noir film that rocked the 90s. It came out in 1997 and stars Guy Pearce and Russle Crowe and is based on the novel of the same name written by notable crime fiction writer and essayist – James Ellroy.

The movie deals with 3 individuals from the police department who came from 3 different mindsets investigating series of murders.

Moonrise Kingdom

This movie came out in 2012 and is the perfect example of a coming of age movie and how it feels to be head over heels in love with somebody.

The movie doesn’t just have a strong narrative that encapsulates the flow of an underlying feelings of sadness but it also showcases some of the most breathtaking production designs.

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Marvel Studio’s Civil War

Marvel Studio’s Civil War has just released on Netflix and no matter how many times you have watched it, it is still a treat to watch team Cap. and team Iron Man battle it out for what each one of them thinks is for the right cause.

Plus, no mention of Marvel Studio’s Civil War can go without reminiscing about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man’s first appearance and the massive airport fight scene.

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Be sure to watch these films and more on Netflix.