Samsung One UI: Simple, Streamlined, Minimalist

Sansung One Ui - Made to focus

The journey from smart people with phones to people with smartphones has been tremendous over the years. In a course of a decade, the new gen smartphones have replaced many of the quintessential machines that were inevitable a while ago. Cameras, audio/video players, calculators, alarm clocks, etc., are a few that have taken a hit like no other. Our devices can track and read how our hearts beat, how much calories you’ve burnt in a day, feed your cat, control your home devices and the list a super long.

The increasing sophistication of tech-mech allowing these services to be available to you at all times, efficiently, leads to extreme hardware and complex software. Shipping for this, Samsung believes that the user interface (UI) of such devices not that easy to use and needs a rework. And have they done it? Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Presenting the all new Samsung One UI: A Singular Smartphone Experience, a new take on based on the Android Pie. Minimalist design, user centric approach to smartphone management, and a fluid experience. The design stays in-sync with the physical design of the Galaxy devices with its rounded corners of the interface’s app icons.

Samsung One UI - Focus on Task at Hand

The new One UI will be placed on the upcoming Android Pie update for Samsung devices. The One UI Beta programme is up and runningfor participants in China, France, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, Spain, UK, and USA. So, you can try One UI before its official release. Samsung says, “Samsung’s One UI is the company’s most simple and streamlined UI yet, built from the ground up to help users focus on what matters most. One UI’s intuitive design fosters convenient interactions, while its clean aesthetic minimizes clutter to make viewing your screen more comfortable. Follow along as we examine the innovative interface in more detail.”

Minimalist is the word.

The folks at Samsung have put in efforts in understanding how users interact with their smartphones. The findings from this are used to streamline the One UI’s structure. The interface divides the screen of your phone into two parts – the top being for viewing content and the bottom for interaction. To create a balanced, visually comfortable aesthetic, the UI features an uncluttered top half and puts all the action buttons and tabs, and pop-ups on the bottom half, all to enhance the ease of access.

Focused to help you focus.

The UI is stripped off all the clutter and chaos, eliminates all unnecessary distractions helping you focus on one thing at a time. One UI’s ‘focus blocks’ help users focus on important information by presenting content in a manner that’s visually comfortable. The images on the right demonstrate how focus blocks streamline the Bixby Home screen. For a more focused and fluid experience, the user interface trims the amount of information using subtle design enhancements like ‘focus blocks’. Focus Blocks direct your eyes to the content that matters without the unnecessary swank. For instance, when an app is launched, the interface displays only the functions and info the user needs to complete their task.

So comfortable, you could sit on it.

With the new One UI, Samsung wants to go easy on your eyes (when it’s dark). So, there you are with an all-new Night Mode – with customization options. Have a look, spacious interface, intuitive visuals, and immersive experience.