Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumoured Variants Explained

Samsung Galaxy Note series has been rolling out stunning smartphones over the years. The fanbase is growing leaps and bounds with every release. Bringing the best of all worlds together, the Note smartphones can be your work station, performance powerhouse, ammo for photography, and even your entertainment hub. And it does all of that without breaking a sweat. Last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released an was considered to be a worthy upgrade, but pricey, from the outgoing Note 8. That was last year, for 2019 – get ready for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10. If you think a better battery, advanced camera setup, Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, etc., has worked for you in the Note 9 then here are some juicy details of the upcoming Note 10 that will take your excitement to another level. Do note that the following details are not official.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Variants

Reportedly, just like the Galaxy S10, the Note 10 will also come in different variants. The S10 was released along with the S10e, S10+ and the S10 5G. There is news that the phone Note 10 will also get the same treatment. We can expect Samsung to release four variants – a smaller version of the Note 10, a regular Note 10, a much larger model and the 5G model.

As per regional requirements, the 5G model will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset or the Exynos 9820 couples with the Exynos 5100 5G modem.

The small Note 10 (or the Note 10e) may not get all the fancy gimmicks but will carry almost all the hardware of the regular version. The larger model may get a bigger screen than the already big screen that the Note houses. The 5G model will be region-spec as 5G networks is still not available worldwide. There are conflicting reports about the screen sizes. Some suggest that the smaller note will get a 6.28 inch display while the regular will carry the same 6.4 inch display and the larger model will feature a 6.75 inch display.

The beginning of the Keyless Saga

Supposedly, Samsung is working on a technology that will help them get rid of all the physical keys of their smartphones. This may be the beginning of a new trend. The new technology will replace the Volume rocker, power button, Bixby button by a touch or gesture control. LG broke the ice with their latest touch-free gesture tech on the G8 ThinQ.

A pressure sensitive touch panel is also in the talks. This will take care of various different commands and be more intuitive than the traditional buttons.

Cameras and Cameras

Some suggest the Note 10 will come with dual front cameras and a quad lens setup as the primary unit.

As of now, we are riding on speculations and rumours to figure out what the actual deal is. For the release date, we all know that August is the month of Galaxy Notes. Till then stay tuned.

Image source: PhoneArena