Quit smoking with these simple lifestyle changes

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By Gaurav Masurekar | 8th January 2019
Quit Smoking

The moment you decide to quite smoking you are half way there. Smoking creeps into your lives as an indulgence and sets into your routine like a nasty habit that may take forever to let go. But if you stay the course you can make it happen.

Nothing changes over night

It take about 3 weeks to form a new habit and if you reverse that math it will take you about the same time to drop that habit.

Where most people go wrong is they try to quite over night. Instead, take your slow. Set a date and quit on that date. This will give you ample time to mentally and physically prepare yourself for quitting.

The urges are a good sign

When you quit smoking the initial period is difficult due to the constant urges. If you are a chain smoker it is not only a matter of routine. There are multiple triggers that entice you to smoke during the day. So when ever you feel the urge, look for the trigger. It can be work stress, anxiety, wanting to avoid an unpleasant memory etc. Once you learn to manage these triggers without lighting a smoke you are through.

Quick lifestyle changes that will help you quite smoking

Keep your surrounding clean

The first thing you need to do is get rid all the tools of the trade – lighters, ashtrays, filters etc. The lesser things remind you of smoking the more inclined you will be to forget the nasty habit. Also, do the same for your home and office or any other place you are likely to spend most part of your day.

Ask for help

You will need help. At least, in the initial stages. Tell your family and friends that you want to quit. They will be a strong driving force to keep you away from reaching out to a cigarette.

Compensate with a healthy routine

List down the times when you are most likely to smoke. For instance, if you smoke after dinner, change this into doing crunches or push-ups or reading the newspaper or just going out for a walk. The key is to replace your puffing routine with something more productive that will help you achieve your target faster.

Set rules and live them

You need to have discipline. When you are dealing with smoking, just winging it will not do. Also, these rules will help you curb your desires to a great extent. For instance, make a strict rule of not smoking in the house or car or when you are in the office. This goes for other people as well. In your own house or car you can set the rules as far as office goes, avoid the company of smokers.

Managing urges and triggers

Understand you pattern – Make a list of the times you feel like smoking. This can be during tea breaks, office crunch hours, or when a bad memory pops up.

If you are unaware of your pattern just maintain of journal of when and where you smoke. Do this for a few days and you will get a rough idea of your pattern.

Wait it out – Once you have your pattern. Brace yourself to manage the urges as you will encounter them mostly during those times. The urges do not last for more than 10 minutes, approximately. So you are actually not controlling the urge to smoke for that day but only for those 10 crucial minutes. So each time you feel the trigger, wait it out coolly. The temptation will pass and you can get on with your work.

Diet and drinks

Get accustomed to a healthy diet and most importantly switch alcohol, tea and coffee with decafs, water, juices etc. As the body gets accustomed to a healthier diet it will eventually stop the cravings for cigarettes and other non-healthy habits.

Believe in yourself. Quitting is a process and not a revelation. It does not happen in a day but if you give it time and stand you ground, each day, you will see results.