Foodventures of the Rice Girl | We Woke Up Hungry!

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By Gaurav Masurekar | 17th April 2019

Foodies and gastronomes our Rockstar foodie is back! Please put your hands together for our very own Rice Girl a.k.a @QueenCaramel a.k.a Geet! A social media maniac by the day and a super singer (who doesn’t believe in capes) by the night, she is on a mission to explore every cuisine in the world – a plate at a time. And share her food adventures with us a blog at a time.

The Invite

Recently, she sent us an invite for a food escapade which read – Kebab. We knew that very instant that what we are trying to seek within is actually seeking us. That night, we slept with scrumptious dreams and in the morning, We Woke Up Hungry!

With craving hearts and hungry tummies we booked our tickets and visas for our very first foodventure in the city of Dubai. For the past couple of years, Geet has been reaching out to every corner of Dubai for her food escapades. A true-blue non-vegetarian married to a herbivore, our Rice Girl has to man a lot of her foodcapades by herself. But for her latest adventures we team up!

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Even with double portions of flight food we had enough stamina to smash a few tons of kebabs. We landed in the darkest hour so it was a little early to start off the adventure. And headed straight to our base-camp but little did we know that our soldier had already planned a welcome gift for us. With teary eyes and absolutely no shame, we unwrapped our present and we knew we were home!

The Welcome Gift

In front of us was a Classic Chicken Gyros Wrap and a box of Grand Beef Doner Box. A soft warm wrap that held together a sequence of exuberance, exhilaration, and enthusiasm; accompanied with a treasure chest hiding the charms of a rotisserie world. The food had its own ambience, own music, and its own hospitality. Gyros is from Greece and Doner comes from Turkey, and we were in Dubai, but who’s complaining!

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Broggl Rice Girl Dubai Doner Gyros

  • Restaurant – Doner & Gyros
  • Location – Available at multiple venues in Dubai
  • Classic Gyros Wrap – 29 AED

The Classic Gyros wrap was a pile of chicken prepared in tomato, onion and the traditional Tzatziki sauce, and wrapped in a fluffy pita bread brushed with olive oil and grilled. Every bite of the chicken Gyros wrap was evenly balanced. It has the right amount of bread, meat, veggies. It was the same till the last bite.

Doner Meat Box + Waffle Fries – 43 AED

The Doner Box was a filled with a heap of succulent beef slivers served on a pile of tomatoes, lettuce, red cabbage, onion and topped with waffle fries. We also had three sauces that included – Tzatziki, spicy garlic, and a tomato-based sauce.

We demolished the meal and a can of Coke Zero only to realize that our Dubai food adventure had already started, and we started good. By the look on our faces, Geet figured out her choice of meal was a bulls-eye!

Soon with wide smiles and happy tummies we settled in our comfy blankies and slept till our hearts content. And yet again, in the morning, We Woke Up Hungry!

Over to you, kid!