Foodventures of the Rice Girl | The Tale of Teas

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By Gaurav Masurekar | 2nd May 2019
Foodventure Rice Girl Feature Tale of Teas

noun: chai
    tea made by boiling tea leaves with milk, sugar, and sometimes spices.
a term in various Indian languages.


Our days in Bombay typically start with steaming cups of tea spiced according to season. Cardamom in summer, ginger in winter, and fragrant lemongrass in the monsoon season. Every household has their special mix when it comes to masala tea, too. Some like a dash of cinnamon while some like the richness jaggery brings to a cup of tea.

Since we are pretty hardcore when it comes to tea, (most of our impressionable years were spent dreaming up futures in the swirling caramel served in small-time chai tapris), we ordered some impressively named tea. Had to see what Dubai had in store for us! Without wasting time, we Zomato-ed!

Restaurant: Uncle Tea

Location: Al Barsha, Dubai

Our order

  • Signature Karak Tea
  • Zaffran Tea
  • Kashmiri Tea

Signature Karak Tea

Similar to a cutting chai yet a world of a difference between the two, Karak is the plain Jane of teas. No spices, just an encounter with a seriously strong blend of tea diluted with evaporated milk. It is a perfect accompaniment to biscuits if you are a dipper at all. One of the most commonly eaten biscuits here is Lotus- a caramel equivalent to Parle-G.

Karak Chai Tea Dubai


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Zaffran Tea

Not too surprised that Zaffrani teas are commonplace in the UAE. It is quite magical what a few strands of saffron can do to a cup of tea but it is also too rich a beverage to start your morning with. It’s like a cup of cuddle when you were expecting a wake up jolt.

Zaffrani Saffron Tea

Kashmiri Tea

Pink, sweet, and brimming with dried fruit and nuts, the Kashmiri tea blew us away a little bit. It is a gently simmered, coming together of tea leaves, milk, and nuts. Something that had no place in a styrofoam glass, it should only be had in a golden, lavishly designed cup and saucer.

Uncle Tea Kashmiri Tea Chai

Interestingly, it was also the drink we felt like going back to on our last day here.

It started with some tea sampling but the day ended on quite the note- The word is Sushi. Don’t forget to come back, this one’s going to be a delightful read!

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