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By Gaurav Masurekar | 13th May 2019
Foodventures Sushi For Dummies


I look back at the girl who stayed away from Sushi because – Raw fish! and shake my head.

I only tried Sushi for the first time after I moved to Dubai. I was out of an event that got over late and the only restaurant still serving was Ucci Sushi. It is a two-minute walk from my house and despite my apprehension, we entered the beautifully lit restaurant, ready for my first ever experience eating Sushi. I say mine because my husband is a vegetarian and he wasn’t in the mood for anything anyway.

Location: Ucci Sushi, Auris Inn Al Muhanna, Heights, – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

The First Round

I called for Fried Soft Shell Crab, something I had never tried before. It came served with a spicy coleslaw and a Soy yuzukosho Sauce. (yummity yum yum!)

Following the appetizer came the Yukiss roll, listed in their bestsellers. Yukiss roll is made out of seared `salmon, nori, ginger mayo, salmon tartar, onion, and fish floss. Fish floss is a crispy garnish which pretty much melts into your mouth. A fishy floss. floss. I can’t stop saying it.

The Dipping Sauce

Now, we have to talk about the dipping sauce which is always accompanied by a wad of wasabi. And like all amateurs, I pour the sauce into a dish, add a tiny bit of wasabi in it and dip the roll in it before putting it in my mouth. I heard someone on a show once say that you are supposed to lodge the roll in one side of the mouth and begin chewing to get the full flavor of all the layers. Since I didn’t know this piece of information before my first brush with Sushi, I decided to try that the next time I tried some.

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The Return

The second time we went to Ucci was special because we were celebrating an anniversary and my husband wanted to try some veggie items on the menu. He got Fried Tofu, a light beancurd tempura served with coleslaw and dipping sauce along with a bowl of Miso soup. His dishes looked so appetizing I couldn’t help but try some. Besides the vegetarian fare, I got the Tuna, Salmon, and Scallop Sashimi but I wasn’t done yet. So after completely smashing two pieces of each Sashimi, I also ordered a dragon roll made of Crab, Avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and a sesame topping with Unagi.

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I have got to say, I was incredibly under-informed about this beautiful Japanese offering and I am glad I took the chance to experiment and see if it would grow on me. And it did, like cherry blossoms.