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By Geeta Masurekar | 16th January 2018
a watermelon juice

I have always been a reluctant drinker. Mostly, my taste buds and body just don’t agree with alcohol. That, and the fact that it makes me ridiculously emotional led me to quit my already rare consumption and opt for fresh juices on the menu.

So, last weekend when we went to Jazz @ Pizza Express, a sprawling outlet in JLT, I ordered a watermelon juice to go with all the eating that was to follow. To be honest, my heart was set on an aubergine appetizer but the group opted for Dough Balls Doppio instead. Dough balls are pretty self-explanatory and they were served with three dips- pesto, pesto harissa (harissa spiced tomato dip) and a bowl of garlic butter.

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For main course, I ordered Spaghetti Gamberoni Piccante because it looked delicious in the picture and I am a sucker for all kinds of sea food. This one was generous with the prawn but stingy with the cream sauce so the spaghetti balled into clumps when I spun it around on the fork. Not saying it wasn’t delicious, but it could definitely do with more sauce.

Spaghetti Gamberoni Piccante

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From three appealing dessert options- Pear Tart, Tiramisu, and Bundt Cake, we ordered the cake with was served with their in-house vanilla gelato and a burnt caramel sauce. It was dense, typical of a bread pudding, cinnamon-y and in a couple bites had me wishing we’d ordered the Tiramisu instead. Guess I am not a bread pudding person after all.

Desert Jazz Pizza Express

The live band was nice, Englishmen playing Mundiya tu bachke rahi isn’t everyday occurrence.

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