7 Ancient books that according to folklore grant supernatural powers

As humans we are all afraid of the unknown but for some that uncertainty is what excites them the most. For centuries men of science and faith alike have tried to decode the secrets of the world beyond and some even have claimed to be successful. Several texts have laid down practices devoted to the supernatural arts. Below is the list of 7 such books that are sure to raise your curiosity in the occult arts.

The Book Of Abramelin The Mage

Said to be written in the 15 century the book is one of the most sought for mystic texts. It is the work of a Jewish traveller Abraham von Worms.

One notable ritual referred to in this book is ‘The Operation’. It demands prayers and purification for 18 months allowing you to meet your guardian angle who can grant you a wealth of powers. The power package include necromancy, divination, weather control, precognition among others.

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Sworn Book Of Honorius

A.K.A. the Liber Juratus Honorii, this book of magic spells, invocations and defence is rumoured to be the work of a mysterious figure named Honorius of Thebes. The book heavy criticise the Catholic Church as being corrupted by the devil.

The spells in the book largely focus on summoning demons and angels alike to gain power and knowledge.

Pseudomonarchia Daedonum

Penned by renowned 16th century physician and demonologist Johann Weyer. The book is a detailed catalogue of 69 demons that belong to Hell Royalty. The text describes the abilities of each demon along with the method to conjure them in an attempt to let the user use the demon’s abilities for his own good. For instance – The demon Foras recovers lost things and discovers treasures, the demon Haagenti can turn water into wine and so on.

The author being a devoted Christian has cautioned such conjuring and has said to have omitted key details to the rituals from the book.

Ars Notoria

Not your regular grimoire for spell and invocations the Arc Notoria is a book that teaches you how to learn, command your memory and gain insight into books that otherwise would be a challenge to the reader.

The book focuses on mastering liberal arts including physics, geometry and maths. The training involves hours of contemplation, visualisation and oration on a daily basis.

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Arbatel De Magia Veterum

Written by Author Arbatel de magia veterum and the text acts as a handbook for spiritual aphorism and advice. In other words, it is a mystical self-help book that focuses on Christian godliness, positive affirmations and productivity with magic as an apparatus to act as a force of good instead of material gain.

The ritual in the book includes invoking angels and helpful elemental spirits.


The origin of the book can be traced back to the 16th century. The book is a compilation of 47 spells credited to different magicians.

The rituals in the spell dwell heavily on staves i.e. runes carved on the body, on objects or simply written out for the purpose of magic.

Spells from the Galdrabok can be used to elicit favours from powerful men, put someone to sleep or strike fear in the heart of your enemies.

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It is a book of ancient astrological magic that originated in the 11th century. Spanning over a colossal 400 pages the book contains spells and incantations that can used to channel the supernatural energies of the planets.

But the book is not for the faint of heart. There are mentions of notorious, gruesome and lethal concoctions that are aimed at inducing alternate states of consciousness or out-of-body-experience.

There are many such ancient texts. Chances of getting your hands of any of these texts is relatively slim but incase you encounter anything similar please proceed with extreme caution.