4.7 inch iPhone coming in March 2020

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By Gaurav Masurekar | 24th April 2019
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4.7 inch iPhone is in the works and we can’t contain our happiness. We were spellbound by the digital renders made by artist Gunho Lee, a couple of months ago. An exclusive render showing off what the iPhone SE would look like if it ever existed. Based on the latest iPhones, the renders of the SE 2 ignited a fire of hope in our hearts. But the excitement died soon when multiple reports suggested that a small 4 inch iPhone will remain a dream.

4.7 inch iPhone SE 2 Front side Rear

4.7 inch iPhone 8 or iPhone SE?

However, re-igniting the fire again are reports from the land of China! According to the folks at UDN, Apple will be launching an updated version of the iPhone 8 in March 2020. What’s special, you may ask. It is going to be a smaller version of the smartphone featuring a 4.7-inch display. It seems Apple will follow the same recipe as they did for the iPhone SE. The SE carried the 5S body and under its hood was the hardware from the iPhone 6S. SO we can assume that the upcoming small iPhone will get all the hardware of the iPhone 8 fitted in a smaller shell.

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Affordable But Powerful

This move could be to provide consumers with a powerful iOS device at an affordable price. Also, as Apple folks mentioned at the time of the SE launch, that there still are users who prefer a small iPhone. We love you Apple! At that time, the demand for the SE was high as the company was already selling a million units of the 5 line up.

4.7 inch iPhone SE 2 Notch Display

With the smaller iPhone, Apple will be targeting the mid-range segment. This version will get the latest A13 chipset, a full HD LCD Display panel, and newly designed PCB components. The camera setup may be the same single lens unit that does the job for the iPhone 8. Another interesting thing, as per an official, the updated Apple 4.7 inch iPhone will come with 128 GB storage. It will be priced at USD 649.

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To keep the new 4.7 inches iPhone affordable, Apple may not fit it with the notch displays. Also, the dual camera setup will be skipped too. However, we expect the new iPhone 8 to get the 3D force touch.

We’re happy to see such a report coming to the surface but we’re also not getting our hopes high. In case this report is fake some dreams are going to shatter and the noise is going to be loud. Well, March 2020 is the given date, the wait is long but if we get what is reported then it will be worth the wait.

source: UDN