Truth Behind Facebook’s Creepy Artificial Intelligence System Fiasco

Terminator Facebook AI

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg was on a hunt to give his indigenously developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) system a voice. The man put up an FB post stating, ‘It’s time to give my AI Jarvis a voice. Who should I ask to do it?
The post went viral like fire and within no time replies flooded like there was no tomorrow. The whole story got interesting when a user commented – ‘Robert Downey Jr or Benedict Cumberbatch’; to which Mark Zuckerberg replied, ‘Now that’s funny’. All of it went to the next level when, Robert Downey Jr, the man himself, replied to the original post.

While all of that AI stuff is from last year, this year Facebook has managed to return to the headlines with a new AI happening. Recent reports suggest that Facebook has been developing chatbots in order to communicate with users at times needed. These chatbots were designed to learn the language from users so that the communication remains seamless and the users wouldn’t realize that they are talking to a bot and not a real human.

It was all fine until the news broke that Facebook at to shut down this particular Artificial Intelligence system because it indigenously created its own language for communication. This ‘shut downa’ new caused panic and all the internet flooded with Terminator film references, pointed to the ‘Skynet’ episode. The matter elevated after theories like Terminator evolution, hazardous AIs, and mankind extinction kicked in.

Without wasting any time, Facebook cleared the air with the actual facts. The officials stated that Facebook was developing a sort-of a propagative network for the purpose of negotiation. The main objective of the system was to effectively carry out negotiations with other systems or users in order to execute common decisions.

Coming to the chat that was released involving the two AI agents, the reason for their creepy language states that developers engaged two semi-intelligent bots in a conversation without feeding them with the correct syntax of English Grammar. Therefore, in the process of learning how to interact, the two bots derived a gibberish language. Lastly, Facebook did shut down the conversation for further development.