Top Mysteries Of The World – Curious Cases [PART 1]

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By Pratham | 16th August 2017
Mystery Post

Are you a seeker of the unknown and love reading-up about the unexplained mysteries of the world?

Today, science has the answer for a lot of things- as to why certain events occur, when they occur. But there are anonymities that science has yet to understand for it to give us a concert insight. Many such events have baffled brilliant minds and the common man alike, all around the world, leading to theories of their own.

On that note here are the top 5 mysteries that have no explanation even today.

1. The mother of all mysteries- UFO!

Aliens in their saucer shaped space ships have been the perfect enigma for mystery enthusiast all around the world. The first reported Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was in the year 1878 in Texas, USA, when a farmer described a circular shaped flying object gallivanting at wonderful speed.

2. Signs on farmland- The Crops Circles

In 1966 an Australian sugarcane farmer claimed to see flying saucers in the sky that he explained were the reason for the signs created in his field, made visible through flattened crops patters.

Within no time these signs started to appear around the globe. Earlier the patterns were primitive and mostly circular patters but today they appear in the shapes of DNA or geometric arrays.

3. The lost Tomb of Alexander the great

The tomb of Alexander the great has suddenly disappeared from history during the last 200 years and despite many search attempts the crypt has not been discovered. The last people to write about their visit to the tomb were some Middle Eastern travellers.

4. Colossal Constructs- The Pyramid of Power

The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is an engineering marvel. Without any account of proper equipment required to build such a structure, at the time, the existence of this wonder in itself is a mystery. In lore, the Pyramids are known to have supernatural powers.

Further, in 1940 Czech radio engineer named Karel Drbal claimed that a proper alignment of smaller pyramids across the north and south axis enables them to renew the composition of steel i.e. it can be used to sharpen the edges of a sword.

5. The out of body experience

It might be just an expression for some but there have been countless individuals all round the world who have claimed to have actually had this experience. These individuals have claimed to have projected their mind and even souls out of the body giving way to the theory of an alternate plain of existence and even life after death.

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