Google AI talks like a human


It is being reported that Google’s next Assistant, Duplex, is creatively programmed to speak just like a human. It not only has a good lexicon but is complete with the tonalities and pauses that are the characteristic of any human conversation.

The audience at the I/O developer conference where the assistant was demonstrated was said to be partly amazed but partly horrified.

CEO of Google Sundar Pichai says they thought the technology would take years to develop. “So what we’re seeing is something I thought we’d see in three years and we’re seeing it now.”

The developments of AI are never short of criticism and there have been reports of eminent personalities raising their voice against the developments. Editor-in-Chief of Wired Nick Thompson points out. “In short the rise of AI will be either the best or worst thing ever to happen to humanity.” The development of AI has always been seen as a loss to the human labour force and that may also be true to a certain extent. Also, the through of a self-learning machine does raise certain doubts and is bound to get the users anxious about their security and privacy. Already Google has been forced to make the robot introduce itself when it calls.

Joanna Bryson, an associate professor at the University of Bath who studies AI ethics, told The Verge that Google has on obvious obligation to disclose this information. If robots can freely pose as humans the scope for mischief is incredible; ranging from scam calls to automated hoaxes. Imagine getting a panicked phone call from someone saying there was a shooting nearby. You ask them some questions, they answer — enough to convince you they’re real — and then hang up, saying they got the wrong number. Would you be worried?

Reports suggest that while the bot can save us time making a doctor’s appointment, big business could also harness one to convince us to buy things we don’t need.

Google says this is only the beginning.

“We are still developing this technology and we actually want to work hard to get this right – get the user experience and the expectation right for both businesses and users.”

Google Assistant makes calls

Google Assistant will be able to make actual phone calls for you.

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