Curious Cases Of The World – Top Mysteries [PART 2]

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By Pratham | 17th August 2017
Mystery Post 2

Many mysterious events have baffled the brilliant minds of the world leaving them dumb folded. Here are some of such cases which are a perfect example of anonymities that science has yet to understand for it to give us a concert insight.

If you have come to this post directly with having a look at our PART 1 compilation of Curious stories then scroll down to the middle and hit the link to go to the spooky part one. Enjoy!

1.Trouble in the sea- Loch Ness Monster

In 1933 the ‘Inverness Courier’, a London based newspaper, reported that a Londoner had witnessed a dragon like creature prowling in the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Hence began the legend of Nessi.

2.Artistry from the beyond- Belmez Faces

The story goes that, in 1971 in a small village in Spain called Belmez, a women named Maria Pereira claimed that out of nowhere images particularly faces appears on her then cement kitchen floor. At first she quickly remodelled the floor but the faces continued to appear.

It was argued that this was Maria’s tick to earn a quick buck but she never used any of it for financial gains. She lived a simple life in the same house until she died in 2004.

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Being one of the most revered monuments in British history, archaeologists have still not been able to pin point the meaning and the reason for the creation of the Stonehenge. All that is known is that it was built using stones from Wales, transported to the Wiltshire countryside.

4.Bigfoot or Yeti

Big foot for the nature lovers in North-America and Yeti for the Nepalese and Tibetans, this giant furry creature has been a mystery of the wild for many years owing to the lack of any physical evidence of his existence.

5.The disappearing- Bermuda Triangle

One of the biggest and creepiest mysteries of today is the space between Florida, San Juan, and Bermuda. Since 1950 countless airplanes and ships have gone missing in this area under mysterious circumstances and none of which can be attributed to system failures.

Of all the mysteries that one can talk about the biggest mystery will forever be the human mind. The final frontier, where we have barely scraped the surface and where whole new possibilities await awakening.