Blue Whale Challenge – A Stupid’s Guide to Stupidity

Blue Whale

Destruction is the newest form of creativity. Every single day we have new and utterly stupid things cropping up around the world that lead to nothing but the destruction of some kind which in turn entertains every one of us. Many are declared as new trends while some are absolute nonsense. The newest on the block is the Blue Whale Challenge.

Known to have taken birth in Russia, the Blue Whale Challenge has reportedly claimed over a hundred lives to date. The challenge is an Internet game whose popularity has spread like fire due to its unusual and erratic nature of play.


The game or challenge comprises of 50 tasks that the participant has to complete in order to be (un) victorious. The 50 task are mainly destructive and involve hurting the participant in strange and inhumane ways. All the tasks should be photographed and videographed in order to prove authenticity. The last task is to jump off a tall building – (read as suicide).


There is no way that you can type Blue Whale challenge and end up on a website where you can play the game. It is not a mobile app, online game, or even downloadable.

It has been reported that creator of this game has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing. As per a few reports, the creator wanted to eliminate BIOLOGICAL WASTE from the society, therefore, he created the game.


The Blue Whale challenge has demeaned what the actual beautiful Mammal stands for. In many regions of the world, the Blue Whale is regarded as our planets record keeper. As for its significance, the gigantic marine animal teaches you that your inner voice is important and helps you learn your own self, your own emotions. Whales represent compassion, kindness, and most importantly creativity.


Some frustrated souls target vulnerable beings and brainwash them. And the blue Whale Challenge seems one such experiment. Creating something good always takes time but creating a weapon of destruction is easy AF. This particular game defies logic and practicality but people still choose to turn off their brains and go for it blindly. They do it under an impression that it may change their lives for good. While going through a lot of these reports of The Blue Whale challenge, we saw the word ‘DEPRESSION’ being highlighted at a lot of places. Why do people choose such negative things to deal with depression? This particular question is hard to answer and sensitive to deal with but there is one thing that is true Depression and negativity are phases of life that need to be fought against with positivity. They are not comfort stations for you to get cozy in.