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By broggl | 12th February 2019
Apple iPhone SE 2 Front side Rear

Apple launched the iPhone SE when the market was soaring with huge screen devices. Even when phone makers were rolling out a Max, Note or a Plus variant of their phones, Apple focused on consumers who preferred small devices. The iPhone SE continued with the iPhone 5S design and carried all the hardware of the iPhone 6S under its hood. The SE wasn’t just the tiniest iPhone out there but also the most affordable.

Last year, Apple officially ended the production of the iPhone SE. They also carried out a final sale for the SE. Seemingly, a clearance sale since Apple slashed the price of the phone by a hundo.

We had hopes that Apple would launch the newer & refreshed version of the iPhone SE but no luck. We expected the iPhone SE 2’s launch along the iPhone XS and XS Max. But along came the iPhone XR. For the past couple of years, we’re stuck in a loop – there are leaks and renders that show up before Apple events suggesting a probable successor of the SE but never makes to the launch event.

Well, here’s another! Digital Artist Gunho Lee has made an exclusive render for ConceptsiPhone. The video and photos show us what the iPhone SE 2 may look like.

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Similar images had cropped up before Apple’s 2018 event. The iPhone SE 2 showed in the video features a frame construction identical to the iPhone SE – A metal frame with chamfered edges. The form factor is similar to that of iPhone XR’s but without the curved edges.

It also gets the latest glass back construction that supports wireless charging. The placement of the Slider and volume keys is the same as SE but the keys are not round anymore, looks neat. The protruding primary camera is similar to the XR’s

The biggest overhaul is the full-screen notch display on the front. This, if true, could be a watered version of the XR’s Liquid Retina Display. This also means that the iPhone SE 2 drops the Touch ID and gets the latest Face ID. The video also shows colourful variants of the iPhone SE 2 – Rose Gold, Red, Jet Black, and Space Grey. The video also ends with a message – Coming spring.

The artist has done a great job in visualizing our dreams – the iPhone SE 2. At the moment, it is highly unlikely that Apple will consider rebooting the iPhone SE and launching a successor but we have our fingers crossed.

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